This is Shelley's second year at By Hand Boutique! Her jewelry was a big hit last year!

How long have you been creating your art? 

I have always been crafty and artistic,
and over the years my various hobbies have included scrapbooking,
paper crafts, stamping, and most recently, jewelry-making.
 I have been creating and selling jewelry for a little over a year now. 

What are you favorite colors to work with?

I love working with antique brass, because of it's vintage look.
 I also love natural gemstones, especially turquoise and agate.

What time of day do your creative juices get going?

I am more of a morning person, but I can *force* myself to be creative any time of day :)

Do you listen to anything why you create, or do you prefer peace and quiet?

My ideal working conditions: A quiet house, early in the morning while my family
still sleeps,with Christy Nockels or Hillsongs playing on Pandora Radio.

Has your work been featured anywhere?

You can find me and my jewelry on Facebook: