Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Featuring: Wizzel's Whimsies

I'm creating hand-made ornaments and pumpkin rolls.  Sadly, there are no pictures of the pumpkin rolls.

How long have you been creating your art?  I began my adventures in crafting with my mom and grandma.  My first memories of crafting would be coloring Easter eggs each year with my grandma.  I always enjoyed designing and coloring Easter eggs.  I've done other crafting in bits and pieces.  

What are your favorite colors to work with?  I love color!  Usually what inspires me is the color involved in the craft.  I'm also not ashamed to admit that at 29 years old I still enjoy a new coloring book and a box of new Crayolas.

How do you find inspiration?  Typically with the colors or patterns involved in the craft.  The ornaments this year were inspired by the individual fabric patterns.  Each component of the ornament works together to create the finished product.  

Do you listen to anything while you create, or do you prefer peace and quiet?  I listen to all kinds of music, it depends on my mood.  

Is there any special meaning behind your work?  Sometimes.  This year's crafting is inspired by my mother.  It is something she made when I was in elementary school for my teachers.  I've added my own twist to the idea.

Do you create with an end product in mind, or do you just see where the creativity leads?  I create with an end product in mind.  In order to create I need to have an idea in mind.  For the boutique I was mindful of the fact that I wanted to create something shoppers would purchase and enjoy.  

My crafty work hasn't been featured anywhere, but my pumpkin rolls have made appearances at a local Friday night gathering.  I recently tested a gluten free recipe.  After receiving rave reviews I have decided to include a few gluten free pumpkin rolls.  Pumpkin rolls will be sold by the slice on Saturday only.

Bivins (Dave):  Bivins Bottles  "Let there be light..." Gen. 1:3

Bivins' Rules for Creating:  "Since when do they put rules on creating?"  

Bivins has been re-purposing bottle into lamps for about a month now.  There are several bottle designs that will be available for sale at the boutique.  Bivins will be taking custom orders throughout the boutique, but you will need to supply the bottle.  At this time we do not have access to a bottle surplus.  Please feel free to stop by our table with your bottle to talk to the man himself to see what he can create for you.   

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