Monday, November 14, 2011

Featuring: Margarita & Lucy Lunsford

The Lunsfords have participated in By Hand Boutique for several years; 
we're so glad to have them back!  Please read a little more about their creative process 
and their products. 

For our doll clothes we find inspiration by looking through our scrap pieces of fabric 
and the outfit just unfolds from there.

For our pressed flower pictures, it is much the same. We press tons of flowers (especially in the spring and summer) and then keep them in files for whenever we're ready to make something with them. Very seldom do we make the flower pictures with the end product in mind, or if we do it never ends up being what we intended, because the flowers have a way of leading you. Especially the flower fairies, I really truly think they have minds of their own.

     As for inspiration, I think the flowers themselves are inspiration. In our pressed flower arrangements we are using God's art (flowers, leaves, insect's wings, etc..) to make art. It's kind of like recycling! Almost everything we make is a form of recycling. With our doll clothes we use the scrap fabric from things we've made for ourselves to make the outfits. In our paper artwork we use leftover pieces of scrapbook paper, and in our newest craft, we've started using candy wrappers to make bracelets!

     So stop by our booth and buy some hand-made, recycled, eco-friendy gifts for Christmas (or for yourself)!

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