Sunday, October 31, 2010

Meet the Artist: Tabitha Grace

Meet Tabitha Grace of Polly Wolly Poodle Boutique.

Tabitha makes hand made closet organizers, baby diaper cakes, unique baby gifts, pillowcase dresses, hand-painted children's outfits and tutu's.

Visit the very talented Tabitha Grace at her website Polly Wooly Poodle Boutique to see her unique gifts. You can also visit her Facebook page here.

We asked Tabitha to fill out our madlib and here are her results...


1. Each morning as soon as you wake up the first thing you should do is have SOMETHING with caffine in it.
2. While creating your masterpieces, you should listen to the sound of silence! or in my case the dogs wrestling in the background!
3. To get your creative juices flowing try going outside! There is always something going on in God's creation to bring on inspiration!
4. Make sure you take regular breaks to catnap!
5. You will know you have succeeded when your creation invokes a sense of a gift or product that will be unique, and everyone will remember it!

Make sure to say hello to Tabitha Grace at By Hand Boutique!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meet the Artist: Lisa Tanner

Meet Lisa Tanner!

You can visit Lisa's blog at You can also shop online at her etsy shop.

These photos are only a small sampling of what Lisa will have at By Hand Boutique. She said she will have some more fun stuff and "Lots of Glitter!"

(Alabama A's in silver and red available in two different sizes.
Perfect for door wreaths, or tree toppers!)

(countdown to christmas wall hangings)

We asked Lisa to fill out a madlib to learn a little more about her. Here are her results...


1. Each morning as soon as you wake up the first thing you should do is grab a plastic cup and fill it with crushed ice and Diet Dr. Pepper, then log into Google Reader, Gmail and Facebook.

2. While creating your masterpieces, you should listen to Glee, or old reruns of 90210, sing along with Glee and don't even act like you don't know all the words when Brenda and Kelly argue over Dylan.

3. To get your creative juices flowing try browsing blogs online, or flipping through your favorite magazine or just adding glitter to your current unfinished project - glitter always helps.

4. Make sure you take regular breaks to DVR more episodes of Glee while munching some mini vanilla wafers with white chocolate peanut butter (seriously the best peanut better ever invented)!!

5. You will know you have succeeded when your creation invokes a sense of warmth and charm that makes you smile and your carpet is covered in scraps and, you guessed it, glitter!!

*Please make sure to come to By Hand Boutique November 12th and 13th and stop by Lisa's booth to say hello.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet the Artist: Debbie Rich

Meet Debbie Rich of Designs Through the Wardrobe.

"I'm Debbie Rich (Designs Through the Wardrobe), and I enjoy creating things from paper and fabric in particular."

"Years ago, girls in junior high school were required to take a semester of home economics.  Since my mother didn't sew, this was new to me;  I learned to sew a straight seam and put in a zipper. (I also learned that I didn't care for boiled spinach or boiled okra!) My parents gave me a portable sewing machine for Christmas one year, and my love for sewing was born! I've made everything from baby clothes, curtains, baby quilts, prom dresses, and bridesmaid and flower girl dresses to theatre costumes. I seldom use a real pattern anymore but take something that fits properly and use that to create my own pattern."

"I became interested in paper crafts several years ago.  My sister-in-law had become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, and she brought some of her things with her during a Christmas visit.  I decided to place a small order with her just to encourage her, started using the items I'd ordered, and discovered that I really liked making things with paper as well! I make cards in particular as part of the ministry of our two churches, Mt. Calvary Presbyterian Church in Clay and Evangel Presbyterian Church, our church plant in Oneonta."

"I particularly like rich, deep colors, although I really like most colors. Greens and blues and earth tones are particular favorites."

"Sometimes when I work, I'll listen to music, but mostly everything is quiet . . . or as quiet as it can be in a busy household! I really enjoy listening to songs by Keith and Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend, although sometimes I've gotten so involved in the music that I'll discovered I've just been zipping along and have forgotten some part or step that I was planning to include and have to either change my design or rework something. As Christmas draws closer, I'll be adding Mannheim Steamroller to my listening list. :)"

"I'm something of a perfectionist, which isn't really a good thing. I really prefer things that are both beautiful and functional, although beauty can win out over function sometimes. :)"

"I often make something because of a perceived need in our family or church family for a particular thing. For example, I designed a jumper for little girls because my granddaughters needed dresses. I wanted something that was easy to care for, easy to put on, easy to customize with different shirts for different occasions, and pretty to look at. My daughter needed a purse, so I started making purses. I make lots of greeting cards to give out to church visitors, people that we've visited, or people within our congregations."

"I have a couple of blogs that I've started recently;  one of them is for posting craft information in particular, and the second one is more for personal reflections.

You are welcome to visit me at either or both locations. :)

The pictured samples are of actual items that will be available for purchase at the By Hand Boutique craft fair.

I hope to see you there!"

(Designs Through the Wardrobe)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meet the Artist: Amanda Taylor

Meet Amanda Taylor!

Amanda makes all kinds of gorgeous wreaths!

Amanda first started creating her wreaths last year.
"My husband lost his job of 10 years, and I wanted a pretty wreath for my front door. As I was going through a Pottery Barn magazine I saw some wreath's that were around 80-150 bucks... (did not have the money for that at all). So, with my sister Wendy's help I created my own. Everyone loved it and begged for me to make them and sell. So I did. Not only did I have the very wreath I couldn't afford hanging on my door but I also funded an entire Christmas with the sales. At a time when we needed it most!  Since then I have branched out a bit, I create from what I like...if I think it would be cute for me, then I try my best to make it. I like to add my own touch to things.  Sometimes I will think I am finished with something, and then later go back and add a new touch that I just didn't think about before."

Amanda loves to work with red, black, pinks, and lots of hounds tooth patterned things...

Keep a look out for the very talented Amanda Taylor. One of her wreaths will be featured in the winter edition of a national magazine called Phyllis Hoffman CELEBRATE!
"I am so excited, they contacted me this month for the photo shoot!"

Please stop by and say hello to Amanda Taylor at By Hand Boutique.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meet the Artist: Michelle Whitlow

Meet Michelle Whitlow of 24 Olive Street. You can check out her online etsy shop here or visit her blog at Me and My Scraps.
Michelle started with scrapbooking nearly 9 years ago. That evolved into cardmaking, then sewing and eventually into creating of all kinds!
"Green is my favorite color so you will usually see that color in a lot of the crafts I'm working on. But I love working with all types of colors & patterns."

"Although I love creating in the afternoon I usually work on things at night after the kids have gone to bed. That's when I have the most quiet time to get things done!"

Michelle's work has been featured on Tatertots & Jello & Ucreate. "I am currently on the design team for Noel Mignon and was featured as guest designer earlier this month for Jillibean Soup."
 Please make sure to stop by and say hello to Michelle Whitlow of 24 Olive Street.

*Also be sure to check out how you can win $25 in Boutique Bucks HERE. Hurry time is running out quick!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Are you ready?!

We are getting so excited for By Hand Boutique, and because of this, we want to offer you guys an amazing contest! You have been such great supporters of our event, and we are so grateful. :)

Here's the deal:

We want to spread the word to as many people as possible about By Hand Boutique. So this contest is going to be based around that.

You get one entry for each item below. Please leave a comment EACH time for each entry. We will draw from the comments!

Suggest to your facebook friends to "like" our facebook page. (And they can come here and enter the contest as well!)

Post a status on facebook about By Hand Boutique including a link to our blog & the dates/time.

Blog about By Hand Boutique and leave a direct link to your blog post in your comment.

Tweet about By Hand Boutique and link people back to our blog or facebook page.

Subscribe/follow our blog.

Spread the word some other way not mentioned above, and let us know how you did!

So, what can you win? $25 of Boutique Bucks to shop with at By Hand Boutique! You can definitely get some Christmas shopping done with that!

And because we really want to spread the love, we are giving away TWO of these prizes!

So get to spreading the news and leaving comments!

Contest ends one week from today, October 30th at midnight. We will do a drawing on November 1st and the Boutique Bucks will be available for pick up at the Hospitality Table at By Hand Boutique.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Meet the Artist: Virginia Tillery

Meet Virginia Tillery of Blackflipflops Designs. Virginia creates home decor & stationary items with a papercrafts flair.

Virginia is a designer for several scrapbooking companies: Tim Holtz, The Girls' Paperie, Lily Bee Designs, and NoelMignon. She has been featured on many blogs including Apartment Therapy and Dollar Store Crafts.

Keep your eyes open for this very talented artist. 
"I'm so excited about my very first magazine publication in Scrapbook Trends December/January issue!"

We asked the artists to fill out a madlib to learn a little more about them. Here are Virginia's answers....


1. Each morning as soon as you wake up the first thing you should do is grab your favorite green cup and fill it with some diet Dr. Pepper and sit down to peruse your favorite blogs.

2. While creating your masterpieces, you should listen to peace & quiet... or your favorite shows on Hulu (depending on your mood!).

3. To get your creative juices flowing try sitting on your front porch in the fall, reading a new book or listening to some music..

4. Make sure you take regular breaks to have a massive bubble bath or snuggle up in bed with a good book.

5. You will know you have succeeded when your creation invokes a sense of whimsy, comfort, & home...


You will not want to miss Virginia's booth at By Hand Boutique November 12th and 13th.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meet the Artist: Michelle Darling Quinn

Meet Michelle Darling Quinn of  RSVP to me.

 Michelle specializes in mixed media paintings with original poetry, and miscellaneous home decor.

 "I have always had an incredible urge to create since I was a little girl whether it be art, poetry, a garden, or even brownies."

 "I like to work with hopeful, happy, peaceful colors (what ever I feel like those are in the moment)."

"I find inspiration in books, poetry, music, and nature. However, my passion is really stirred by extreme kindness, loving compassion, and a God who tenderly loves his own beautiful creation."
"I usually wake up first thing in the morning with an idea that I can't wait to try and create. Although, most of the time my day doesn't allow the time or worse, my talent doesn't allow me the capability ;)" 


Please stop by and say hello to Michelle.

 All of the items featured and many more will be available for purchase at By Hand Boutique.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meet the Artist: Michelle Davis

Meet Michelle Davis of Making the Frugal Life Fun.

Michelle started sewing when she found out she was pregnant with her daughter a few years ago. She makes purses and all sorts of creative baby gift items.

Michelle gets her creative juices going early in the morning.  "My daughter likes to get up with the sun, so we typically get up and turn on some fun music and sew some if we don't have somewhere to be."

"I love using bright colors in my work.  I don't tend to do the typical 'baby' colors.  I think baby gifts are so much fun when they are different and use funky fabrics."


Please be sure to come out to By Hand Boutique and say hello to Michelle.  

Monday, October 18, 2010

Meet the Artists: Becky DeRamus and Terre Davis

 Meet Becky DeRamus and Terre Davis of Unique Chic.

Our Mission Verse and Statement:  We take used and discarded furniture,
accessories, materials, and restore them into something beautiful and
Psalm 23:3 "He restores my soul".

Becky and Terre have been in business together for five years and
best friends for many years.  Becky said, "We sell our wares at a local antique mall. I
have a degree in interior design from Jefferson State College. I have been
sewing and crafting ever since I was a child.  I have fond memories of my
grandmother teaching me how to sew when I was just a small child.  Sewing,
embroidering, painting and just creating pretty things has been a passion of
mine for many years." 

"Terre is an avid 'picker'.  She enjoys the hunt and
has developed an eye for planning recycled projects.  She has found an
undiscovered talent for refurbishing her finds.  Together we make a great
team and get to share our different talents that God has given us."

"We are both looking forward to meeting new friends at the "By Hand Boutique"

Please come by and say hello to Becky Deramus and Terre Davis at By Hand Boutique.