Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet the Artist: Hannah Robertson

Hello Everyone! We will be introducing a new By Hand Boutique artist each day. Check in often to preview  their work and some of the great finds that can be purchased at the market Friday and Saturday, November 12th and 13th.

Our first By Hand Boutique Featurette is Hannah Robertson.

 Hannah makes gorgeous handmade jewelry with interesting themes.

"Vintage Chic"

Hannah has been making jewelry in some form since she was about 13 years old. Some of her favorite colors to work with are earth tones or rich mysterious colors such as black or purple. However, she says it really depends on the piece. We asked Hannah if there was a special meaning behind her work. She answered that she just likes to create beautiful things, and each piece does not necessarily hold a particular meaning, but that she is heavily inspired by fantasy and folklore. She said, "I really enjoy making pieces that make me dream of fantastic places far away."

 "Aurora Borealis"

  "Mysterious Moon"

 "Sassy Sakura"

Make sure to come by and meet Hannah in person. All of the pieces featured will be available for purchase at By Hand Boutique!


  1. I Love her work! It has such a magical mysterious look. Perfect for this time of year too ;)

  2. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see her work in person!

  3. Ooooo, that mysterious moon is calling my name. Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful jewelry! I especially like the "Vintage Chic" piece! Looking forward to seeing all of your pieces at the show! :)