Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meet the Artist: Lisa Tanner

Meet Lisa Tanner!

You can visit Lisa's blog at You can also shop online at her etsy shop.

These photos are only a small sampling of what Lisa will have at By Hand Boutique. She said she will have some more fun stuff and "Lots of Glitter!"

(Alabama A's in silver and red available in two different sizes.
Perfect for door wreaths, or tree toppers!)

(countdown to christmas wall hangings)

We asked Lisa to fill out a madlib to learn a little more about her. Here are her results...


1. Each morning as soon as you wake up the first thing you should do is grab a plastic cup and fill it with crushed ice and Diet Dr. Pepper, then log into Google Reader, Gmail and Facebook.

2. While creating your masterpieces, you should listen to Glee, or old reruns of 90210, sing along with Glee and don't even act like you don't know all the words when Brenda and Kelly argue over Dylan.

3. To get your creative juices flowing try browsing blogs online, or flipping through your favorite magazine or just adding glitter to your current unfinished project - glitter always helps.

4. Make sure you take regular breaks to DVR more episodes of Glee while munching some mini vanilla wafers with white chocolate peanut butter (seriously the best peanut better ever invented)!!

5. You will know you have succeeded when your creation invokes a sense of warmth and charm that makes you smile and your carpet is covered in scraps and, you guessed it, glitter!!

*Please make sure to come to By Hand Boutique November 12th and 13th and stop by Lisa's booth to say hello.


  1. Cute! Looking forward to seeing these in person! :)


  2. I am loving the "Countdown to Christmas". What an awesome idea!