Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meet the Artist: Amanda Taylor

Meet Amanda Taylor!

Amanda makes all kinds of gorgeous wreaths!

Amanda first started creating her wreaths last year.
"My husband lost his job of 10 years, and I wanted a pretty wreath for my front door. As I was going through a Pottery Barn magazine I saw some wreath's that were around 80-150 bucks... (did not have the money for that at all). So, with my sister Wendy's help I created my own. Everyone loved it and begged for me to make them and sell. So I did. Not only did I have the very wreath I couldn't afford hanging on my door but I also funded an entire Christmas with the sales. At a time when we needed it most!  Since then I have branched out a bit, I create from what I like...if I think it would be cute for me, then I try my best to make it. I like to add my own touch to things.  Sometimes I will think I am finished with something, and then later go back and add a new touch that I just didn't think about before."

Amanda loves to work with red, black, pinks, and lots of hounds tooth patterned things...

Keep a look out for the very talented Amanda Taylor. One of her wreaths will be featured in the winter edition of a national magazine called Phyllis Hoffman CELEBRATE!
"I am so excited, they contacted me this month for the photo shoot!"

Please stop by and say hello to Amanda Taylor at By Hand Boutique.


  1. I love Amanda's story! I think that many of us can relate to that. Thanks for sharing your heart- and your gorgeous work!

  2. Very nice! I'm looking forward to seeing your work in person! :)


  3. O, how beautiful! You have made me love wreaths. I love the Joy one. Thank you for sharing your story. So inspiring!

  4. Amanda, I SO love your stuff! You are going to have such a fun booth! I can't wait to come see.