Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet the Artist: Debbie Rich

Meet Debbie Rich of Designs Through the Wardrobe.

"I'm Debbie Rich (Designs Through the Wardrobe), and I enjoy creating things from paper and fabric in particular."

"Years ago, girls in junior high school were required to take a semester of home economics.  Since my mother didn't sew, this was new to me;  I learned to sew a straight seam and put in a zipper. (I also learned that I didn't care for boiled spinach or boiled okra!) My parents gave me a portable sewing machine for Christmas one year, and my love for sewing was born! I've made everything from baby clothes, curtains, baby quilts, prom dresses, and bridesmaid and flower girl dresses to theatre costumes. I seldom use a real pattern anymore but take something that fits properly and use that to create my own pattern."

"I became interested in paper crafts several years ago.  My sister-in-law had become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, and she brought some of her things with her during a Christmas visit.  I decided to place a small order with her just to encourage her, started using the items I'd ordered, and discovered that I really liked making things with paper as well! I make cards in particular as part of the ministry of our two churches, Mt. Calvary Presbyterian Church in Clay and Evangel Presbyterian Church, our church plant in Oneonta."

"I particularly like rich, deep colors, although I really like most colors. Greens and blues and earth tones are particular favorites."

"Sometimes when I work, I'll listen to music, but mostly everything is quiet . . . or as quiet as it can be in a busy household! I really enjoy listening to songs by Keith and Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend, although sometimes I've gotten so involved in the music that I'll discovered I've just been zipping along and have forgotten some part or step that I was planning to include and have to either change my design or rework something. As Christmas draws closer, I'll be adding Mannheim Steamroller to my listening list. :)"

"I'm something of a perfectionist, which isn't really a good thing. I really prefer things that are both beautiful and functional, although beauty can win out over function sometimes. :)"

"I often make something because of a perceived need in our family or church family for a particular thing. For example, I designed a jumper for little girls because my granddaughters needed dresses. I wanted something that was easy to care for, easy to put on, easy to customize with different shirts for different occasions, and pretty to look at. My daughter needed a purse, so I started making purses. I make lots of greeting cards to give out to church visitors, people that we've visited, or people within our congregations."

"I have a couple of blogs that I've started recently;  one of them is for posting craft information in particular, and the second one is more for personal reflections.

You are welcome to visit me at either or both locations. :)

The pictured samples are of actual items that will be available for purchase at the By Hand Boutique craft fair.

I hope to see you there!"

(Designs Through the Wardrobe)


  1. really cute stuff!! that kitty bag is adorable!!

  2. I love the earthy colors too! I'm excited to meet you in person :)