Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Featuring: Handmade Gifts by Misty

This is Misty's second year of attending By Hand Boutique! Make sure to stop by her booth to check out her adorable gift items! 

How long have you been creating your art? I have done various crafts as long as I can remember. I started with rag quilts as Christmas gifts about 5 years ago. Then 2 years ago began making the paci clips, some hair bows, etc. Things have progressed over time as I have added more products to my work. 

What are you favorite colors to work with? I enjoy earth tones a lot. Though since a lot of my stuff is girly I tend to use a lot of pinks, purples, etc.

How do you find inspiration? Most of my ideas to start making a product have been either an idea for a gift for a child in my life OR something that would be nice to have for my own children.
What time of day do your creative juices get going? I typically work whenever i can squeeze time in around raising 3 children. For this reason much of my work is doing fairly late at night.

Do you listen to anything why you create, or do you prefer peace and quiet? I typically watch a movie/show with my husband while working, unless it's a rare opportunity to work while they are awake then I listen to the sounds of little ones playing. :)

Is there a special meaning behind your work? Just to be fun and/or useful for little ones and their moms. Some of my items I feel I have been able to keep more affordable than similar ones out there so I like the idea of being able to offer fun items to those who couldn't get them at higher prices.

Has your work been featured anywhere? Just my facebook page, Handmade Gifts by Misty. 

Do you create with an end product in mind, or do you just see where creativity leads? Usually have an end in mind, on occasion though I will actually meet an end that looks a little different than I thought.

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