Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Featuring: Whisky Wavelengths

Wendy & David have sold their creations at By Hand Boutique before, and we are glad to have them back again this year! 

How long have you been creating your art? About two years

What are you favorite colors to work with? Deep or dark reds, greens and blues.

What time of day do your creative juices get going? Usually between Midnight and 0500

Is there a special meaning behind your work? It's my way of recycling - my trash becomes someone's treasure.

Do you create with an end product in mind, or do you just see where creativity leads? Sometimes I will try to find a specific bottle or piece to use but more often than not, I see what I have on hand and where it will land.

(a sample of what they had last year- we are excited to see what they bring this year!)

Has your work been featured anywhere? The shelves and tabletops of fine Presbyterians everywhere

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  1. Love the last sentence! I love these lamps, guys. So glad you are back!