Saturday, November 10, 2012

Get to know... Judy Hardwick

This is Judy's first year to sell at By Hand Boutique! Make sure to read a little more about her and check out her gorgeous artwork! 

I don’t set out to produce projects that will all be the same, but if my art has a mission, it is this: to allow God to use my talents to touch the soul. I use a compilation of recycled items, paper, paint, ‘found objects’, and glue to create each piece that is inspired by praise songs, scriptures, inspirational quotes, or favorite hymns. I am based in North Alabama and have been exploring the paper arts for most of my life. And while I have begun sharing my art with others in recent years, I am still embracing the thought that I am an artist. 

 I know I love to create; and it’s when I’m creating that I have some of my best times communing with my Lord. I’ve found that when I’m painting and creating, I’m talking with God throughout the entire process – not about where to put what on the canvas, but instead about needs in my friends’ lives, and, --  in my own. About desires I have for Him to continue to lead my family, even as our boys are establishing their lives as independent adults. About the guidance that I continually need from Him as I go through life’s journey… and, about His goodness.

And somehow, in my art, He’s speaking to me. Or, perhaps more accurately, I’m slowing down enough to hear His voice… As I put layer upon layer on, He’s helping me remove the layers that the world throws at me and focus solely on His goodness. I pray that the Lord can use my work to touch someone’s heart – their soul – just when they need it most. And I’ve seen it happen… Don’t you just love how our God works? That’s the kind of thing I want to be a part of – so I put my trust in Him – that He will use my little efforts at creativity to His Glory. And whatever my creative efforts might be – mixed media, painting, knitting, papercrafts, gardening, photography, etc. – I use it as an opportunity to slow down and be still [Psalm 46:10] and [truly] know The Creator of all creation.

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