Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meet the Artist: Deanna Misner

Meet Deanna Misner!

"I started scrapbooking around 2001 right after my husband and I got married. Since then I've learned to carry over my love for scrapping into other types of mixed media artwork. It all boils down to I really love to create stuff no matter what it is. Recently, I've also started a small photography business, and so I sell photo cards as well. They're the combination of my love for photography and simple card making."

Deanna finds inspiration all over the place! In magazine ads, kids clothing, from inspiration online. She said, "Inspiration is everywhere!"
We asked Deanna what time of day her creative juices usually get going. she responded, "Usually LATE at night only because the house is finally quiet and I can think better." She likes to listen to music or just enjoy a quiet house.

"Most of my work is necessity driven or stuff I want to decorate with. For example, my girls needed some headbands, so I thought I'd try and make some. I needed thank you notes after the baby arrived, so I made them. But also, I wanted a home-y Christmas calendar to countdown the days til Christmas, and wanted a homemade feel to it, so I just made one."

"I usually have a rough idea of what I want the end product to look like, but if creativity takes me to a different place, then I'm okay with that too. Usually."
"I love color and brights are my favorite. Right now my favorite color combo is red and teal."

Deanna has had some altered mailboxes featured in Better Homes and Gardens Scrapbooks Etc. magazine and a handful of scrapbook layouts featured in that same publication as well as Creating Keepsakes.

  You will definitely want to stop by and say hello to Deanna Misner!


  1. Really cute! Looking forward to seeing them in person! :)


  2. *clapping hands together* I can't wait! :)