Thursday, November 4, 2010

Meet the Artist: Misty Tipton

Meet Misty Tipton!

Misty makes handmade children's items including tutus, small hair bows and clips, head bands, hair bow holders, paci clips, bib creators, crayon rolls, taggie blankets, rag bags, decorated flip flops and more.

"I began making most of the items I am selling now within the last year or so, with the exception of the rage quilts/rag tag blankies, which I have been working on here and there for about 3 years."

"A majority of my items are for little girls so there is obviously a lot of pinks, but I like working in other colors as well. I really like greens and other earth tones in general. Though I think purple and teal are also a good break from the usual pinks for little girls."

"Having been interested in making things with my hands most of my life, the majority of my products now have been inspired through being a mom and looking at things that are useful or just plain fun to have for little ones."

"I enjoy working anytime my three little ones are content enough for me to have some time. This usually ends up being during nap/quite time or after bed time."

You can also check out Misty's work at her Facebook page, Handmade Gifts by Misty.

Please come come on out to By Hand Boutique and say hello to Misty Tipton!


  1. oooh, I need some of those paci clips :)

  2. Well, we can make that happen. :) Either stop by to see me at the show or contact me on my facebook page. Let me know if you'd like to see pictures of my current selection or would like to make a custom order.

  3. What cuties!!! :) Love all these adorable creations!