Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meet the artists: Elise and Skye Bartz

Meet Elise and Skye Bartz!

Elise Bartz is 13 and Skye is 11. They both enjoy creating things. 
Elise can be found in the kitchen often creating scrumptious treats for her family or others.  She has enjoyed cooking from a very early age.  She has raised money for missionaries as well as for people devastated last year by the Haitian disaster.  Recently she has begun to crochet hats.  She plans to donate her proceeds to Dana and Scott Jennings; missionaries in England.

Skye loves creating also.  She loves mixing and making things blow up.  Since this did not seem the place for that talent, she decided to just MIX.  She has made home made hot chocolate that is sure to be a hit as a gift or for yourself.  It has been a family favorite for years.  She has this coupled with cute mugs sure to be just the right gift this holiday season.  She has also spent months creating custom cards that can be used for any occasion.  They are cute and whimsical. Part of her proceeds will be given to Michael and Michelle Davis as they head off to Seminary.

Please be sure to stop by and say hello to Elise and Skye Bartz!


  1. Love it! (Especially the part about Skye liking to blow things up!) :)
    Very nice hats and cards! I'm looking forward to seeing them in person!


  2. her baked goods were awesome last year!