Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Checkout System

We've had some questions about how the checkout system will work at By Hand Boutique. We will be doing the same method we used last year which is a consignment style checkout where there will be just one register. This has many benefits for customers and for vendors. For customers, there will just be one place to checkout and you can pay for items from multiple vendors just once. For vendors, this means you do not have to remain with your booth the entire time and can browse the other booths and mingle with other artists! We are also going to be able to accept credit cards this year using a square reader. There will  be a 3% fee for paying with a card. Vendors will be paid at the close of the event once all the transactions are recorded and appropriately split. We will be backing the card payments with cash so you will receive ALL of your funds that evening. I hope that clears up any questions!

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